Anti-Rattle Kits for older Sea Doo PWC

NOTE - I no longer offer new parts but try for these kits below.

Have you noticed excessive driveline noise in your older Sea Doo? The noise sometimes comes from excessive play in the pump due to the poor design of the pump cone on older style pump housings. This kit includes almost everything you need to convert your old pump cone to the newer style that incorporates the Anti Rattle spring loaded plunger. This quiets the driveline noise down somewhat as well as adding oil capacity to the pump. The main benefit though is this new design cone assy keeps the thrust bearing preloaded. Thatís very important for improving the life of the bearing and impeller shaft and is why all pumps after 1996 have some style of pusher incorporated in their cone.

These kits below work with most 140mm pumps on SP SPI SPX XPI XP GTS GTI GTX GS GSX Explorer and others excluding large hub RFI pumps. The included bottle of Klotz Synthetic Oil is also enough for at least one and maybe two oil changes depending on your model. Before purchasing, make sure that your pump doesnít already have the new style system installed. If it has a short impeller cone or a long cone with no pusher feature, this new kit is what you need!

Anti-Rattle Kit Installation Instructions

Tools needed:

    Old Cone Removal:

  1. Remove steering cable at connection to the nozzle, using 10 mm wrenches. If working on a GTS/GTI/GTX or other ski equipped with reverse, remove 2 large springs (using needle nose pliers) and reverse cable at the connection to the reverse water deflector (you will have to place ski in reverse to remove bolt). If working on a ski with trim, remove trim connections.

  2. Using 13 mm ratchet, remove 4 bolts attaching nozzle to pump, and remove nozzle, being careful to catch 2 o-rings at the top (newer models don't have these).

  3. Using an allen wrench, remove the oil fill pipe plug and set aside for use in new cone.

  4. Remove the three 8mm cone attachment bolts. Place a pan under cone and lightly tap the tip of the cone to loosen it. When cone comes off, oil should run out (if no oil present, you have problems!). Check to see that no metallic particles are present in the old oil (use a magnet, if you have one). If any metallic particles are present, service of jet pump will be necessary.

  5. Grab the shaft (it has 2 flat spots) and try to move up and down. If there is any movement greater than .05 mm, the jet pump should be rebuilt.

  6. Using paper towels or a rag, wipe off old oil from shaft. Also make sure no oil remains on cone/jet pump mating surfaces. If available, use a solvent to clean these surfaces.

    New Cone Installation:

  7. Apply a light coating of Loctite 518 sealer to the o-ring and install it on the new cone. Next, apply Loctite 518 sealer to the pump at the mating surface of the cone.

  8. Install pusher parts into cone carefully to insure that pusher is working properly.

  9. The bronze/aluminum cone doesnít normally have flat washers installed on the cone retaining bolts. Before installing the cone bolts, make sure that you have three 5mm flat washers (Sea Doo p/n 213200004) installed on them.

  10. Replace cone onto jet pump, making sure fill opening is on top and making sure that o-ring remains in cone groove. Apply Blue thread locking compound to threads of the three 8mm bolts and install. Torque to 7 N m (62 lb in) for aluminum pump, 4 N M (35 lb in) for plastic pump.

  11. Add oil to fill opening until it reaches top. Lightly tap the sides of the cone to release any air (you may also wait a few minutes for excess air to come out). Repeat until oil is level with lower threads at fill opening and no more air escapes.

  12. Apply pipe sealant to the fill plug and install stainless plug.

  13. Apply anti-seize to the four 13mm bolts that retain the venturi assembly. If your model had the two small o-rings, you need to stick them to the nozzle. This is accomplished using some grease. Apply grease to the o-rings, and place them in the 2 pockets on the top of the nozzle. Carefully install nozzle, and torque 4 bolts to 25 N m (18 lb ft) for aluminum pump, 21 N m (16 lb ft) for plastic pump.

  14. Attach cables, springs, and connections in the reverse order that they were removed.

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