New VTS & Stop Buttons for XP GSX RX & More

NOTE - I no longer offer new parts but try for these kits below.

This is a set of new buttons to replace your worn Start/Stop and VTS buttons on most Sea Doos with trim. The installation is pretty easy only requiring a few metric tools and Iíll provide info on changing them out if needed. Finally, the VTS button pictured is purple but I have black too so let me know if you want that instead.

Procedure for Replacing Start/Stop and VTS Buttons

If youíve bought new buttons, this should explain how to install them. Iíll also hopefully be adding pictures soon.

Tools needed:

Parts needed:


  1. Using small screwdriver, pop out the rubber cap in the end of the grip.

  2. Using the 10mm ratchet, remove the grip.

  3. Using the proper allen wrench, loosen the set screw under the button housing until the housing will pull away from the rubber steering cover.

  4. You then should see a Philips screw that retains the bracket that holds the switches in. Remove that so you can pull the housing off the bar.

  5. Once off the bar, you can pop out the start/stop button and install the new one. You can also easily remove the VTS button and replace as well.

  6. Reassemble in the opposite order.

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