Procedure for Oil System Bleed.

If the oil line has been removed from the oil injection unit, the air must be bled out of the system when the line is reconnected. The following procedure assumes that the line has been reinstalled and the oil reservoir filled.

Tools needed:

Parts needed:


  1. Place a dry rag underneath the injection pump.

  2. Using 10mm ratchet, remove bleed screw (see picture below for location) and allow oil to flow.

  3. Keep bleeding until all air has been removed from the oil line and filter.

  4. Reinstall and tighten bleed screw.

  5. Wipe any oil spillage from motor plate/bilge.

  6. Check to see if 2 small oil tubes that lubricate rotary valve are full of oil. If not, connect flush hose and run ski at idle while manually holding pump lever in fully open position. Do not actuate throttle lever during this step.